1894 Renovations

As tourism began to boom, in 1894 Carl Tomaselli Jr. decided that renovation works should be carried out accordingly on the facade and in the Café itself. The plans were drawn up by master builder Jacob Ceconi. The window front underwent modernisation while the ground floor facade was given a new look. 

“Splendid marble facade and state-of-the-art fittings.”

Neues Wiener Tagblatt

"Splendid and modern"

A gas candelabrum was added to the corner of the establishment on a wrought-iron mounting. In order to make it easier for guests to reach the first floor, the interior metal spiral staircase was replaced by a broad oak version featuring ornate iron railings. The staircase ceiling was also redesigned.

After works concluded in June 1894, the "Neue Wiener Tagblatt" reported on the splendid marble facade and modern fittings. The author was also full of praise for the games room and reading nook on the first floor, as well as the electrically lit terrace.