Our Coffee house

Early in the morning, when the old town is still sound asleep, an air of enchantment hangs over its charming spots and narrow streets. With not a soul to be seen, these are visible in all their splendour. Time even seems to stand still at the “Alter Markt” (old market). Only at the Tomaselli has the day already begun - with the appropriate peace and quiet, of course. In the morning, the café offers an oasis of tranquillity. 

Stop in for a time-out

“Good morning, Madam, ein Häferl mit Schlag?” ("A cup of coffee with cream?") The waiter knows the answer even before the lady has taken a seat. This question is at the same time a greeting, which may also take the form of “Habe die Ehre” or “Grüß Sie Gott”. In the mornings, communication at Tomaselli is virtually unspoken because at this time of day the café belongs to the regulars. The first arrive as early as 7 o’clock, as soon as the Tomaselli opens. The most coveted seats in the window bays are hard to come by when the old town comes alive, waiting to be snapped up by guests. 

"The old coffee house owners and their wives look down from the Tomaselli's walls in friendly greeting."

Bernhard Paumgartner 1966

The muted clattering of dishes heightens the anticipation of a delicious cup of morning coffee. Crispy rolls, croissants and poppy seed buns as well as home-made brioche, wrapped up in a linen napkin, are served in a small bread basket. The breakfast menu offers a huge variety, everything that you might need for a typical Austrian breakfast. Those who prefer some privacy can take their breakfast in the cosy “Stüberl” (small room). The waiters know their guests well, and what they want: morning chit-chat, small talk about the weather or current affairs, or a second cup of coffee.

We aspire to forge a close relationship with our clients. The most popular spot at this time of day is the newspaper rack, stocked with all the well-known Austrian, German and international newspapers. Those not reading or chatting in hushed tones can simply indulge in their surroundings and have a leisurely look around. The crystal chandeliers, the mirrors, the stucco ceiling, the historic pictures on the walls and the wood panelling made of shiny nut wood with Eastern inlays ooze the charm of bygone days.