The bakery

The incomparable aroma of coffee, sweet delicacies and desserts draws you to the heart of the Tomaselli, the bakery, entirely a world of its own. Here, exquisite gateaux, strudels, slices, cakes and desserts are hand-crafted. Tomaselli's guests are in full agreement: this confectionery is one of the most renowned in the whole city. Only the best-quality ingredients are used to create such sweet pastries and desserts. It goes without saying that each piece of dough, each filling, each icing is home-made. 

Quality and finesse

It's not just the Sachertorte (Viennese chocolate cake), apple strudel and cream slice that are legendary - the Tomaselli would simply also be unthinkable without its mouth-watering “Erdbeerschüsserl”, made from sponge cake, Parisercreme (chocolate and whipped cream), vanilla cream, redcurrant jam and fresh strawberries. Another in-house speciality are the crescent-shaped biscuits made from butter pastry with walnut filing and sugar-rum icing. The dough made from fresh butter reveals its one-of-a-kind flavour in 144 layers.  

"I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best."

Oscar Wilde

The glass cabinet boasts a rich selection of more than 20 cakes, ranging from confectionery classics such as Sachertorte, nut cake, Linzer Torte (hazelnut and raspberry jam Linzer tart), chocolate truffle cake, Black Forest gateau and Esterhazy cake, not to mention Dobostorte (seven-layer Hungarian cake) from the era of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. In-house culinary creations include the “Haustorte” and the Tomaselli gateau, both of which are multi-layered delicacies consisting of several layers of pastry with filling and chocolate icing.   

Depending on the season, the classic strudels come in delightfully fruity varieties. Thus rhubarb occasionally finds its way into the bakery, as do lush berries, apricots in June or plums in late summer. Fresh fruit is also the secret of the popular raspberry slice which is a welcome addition to the assortment of cakes from May. A must for pastry lovers are the Salzburger Nockerl slice and the “Kardinalschnitte” (biscuit with éclair) with whipped cream and vanilla cream. 

At weekends, the Tomaselli tempts your palate with many in-house specialities. Many guests can’t wait to indulge themselves with the delicious banana cake or “Charlottentorte”, not to mention the buttery croissants with a spicy ham filling or the Petit Fours, all of which are small works of art and almost too beautiful to eat. At the Tomaselli, some goodies are only available at particular times.  

Among these are “Faschingskrapfen” (jelly-filled doughnut) made from yeast dough which can be enjoyed from 31 December to Ash Wednesday. During the Advent season, Christmas cookies are all the rage. Tomaselli offers an impressive choice of 22 different, lovingly wrapped biscuits. This may seem like an extremely daunting task, but our confectionery team certainly rises to the challenge.