Coffee culture

Since time immemorial, coffee at the Tomaselli has always been served in the classic fashion: on a small silver tray, accompanied by a glass of water and sugar. The Café Tomaselli carries on the Austrian tradition of coffee brewing. For many decades, guests' palates have been delighted with a speciality coffee exclusively roasted for Tomaselli by Julius Meinl, a Viennese roast master who guarantees the inimitable “Tomaselli flavour”. The special blend of carefully selected Arabica beans from Central America, South America and India is freshly ground and brewed according to the proven Karlsbad method (using a drip coffee pot).

Classics and specialities

Wholesome classics of coffee culture include the “Tomaselli melange”, a mocha with milk and whipped cream or the “Häferlkaffee”, an all-time favourite, a big cup of coffee with whipped cream and milk foam. Another classic is the traditional “Einspänner”, a cup of mocha served in a glass with whipped cream.

"The best way to live comfortably is to drink good coffee."

Jonathan Swift

The “Tomaselliums Kaffee” is an exquisite concoction of strong mocha and Mozart liqueur. The “Biedermeier-Kaffee” comes with a good shot of “Marillenbrand” (apricot schnapps), while the “Fiaker” goes well with cherry brandy and whipped cream. Enthusiasts of Italian coffee specialities will immensely enjoy the Meinl variety “Bar Espresso”, roasted in the Italian town of Vicenza, a blend of 80 per cent Arabica and 20 per cent Robusta beans from Central America, South America, East Africa and India. 

State-of-the-art coffee machines are used at the Tomaselli to prepare espressos and cappuccinos. Hot chocolate is made following an old tradition, by stirring premium chocolate into the hot milk and topping it up with a dollop of whipped cream. Even today the coffee is stored in the so-called “Magazin” (storeroom) on the first floor of the Tomaselli, where the coffee once used to be weighed, ground and filled into cans.