Ice cream

It's not just Tomaselli’s sweet temptations and desserts that are home-made, but also its ice cream that is well-known beyond Salzburg’s borders. The delicious frozen treats follow a long tradition at the Tomaselli. When Carl Tomaselli purchased the Café in 1852, the production of ice cream was a novelty which quickly gained widespread popularity. With the opening of the Tomaselli Kiosk in 1860, ice cream had already become an instantly refreshing summertime favourite, which is still the case today.

Sweet and refreshing

At the Tomaselli, six delicious ice cream varieties are lovingly produced, taking great care in sourcing only the best ingredients. An almond ice cream was created especially for the Mozart ice cream sundae. From July, fruity redcurrant ice cream and lemon sorbet are a welcome addition to the menu. Naturally, the strawberry and sour cherry fruit sauces are home-made, as are the decorations ranging from marzipan butterflies to harps and clefs made from a meringue mixture to "Rothschild" lady’s fingers, which are sprinkled with hazelnuts and dipped in chocolate, ready to top the ice cream sundae. An all-time favourite is the iced coffee comprising chilled mocha, vanilla ice cream and whipped cream. Many regulars have developed quite a taste for the stirred variety of this delicacy. 

"The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it."

Oscar Wilde