1906 Otto Tomaselli

After 32 years, Carl Tomaselli Jr. and his wife Elise handed over management of the business to their 26-year-old son Otto Tomaselli in the autumn of 1906.

“Widely recognised for the best coffee and frozen treats, the finest selection of newspapers.”

Tomaselli advertising leaflet, 1909

Salzburg's new "sight worth seeing"

In 1909 Otto married Olga Daghofer, the daughter of a butcher and innkeeper. Under Otto's leadership, the Café was once again modernised and revamped. Otto had the attic floor rebuilt and equipped with a laundry and storage rooms. In 1914 he ordered the main building be renovated,

upgrading it to the latest technical standards by integrating central heating and even an electrical ventilation system. The press celebrated the refurbishments and extolled the building as a true "sight worth seeing". Otto Tomaselli passed away on 29 March 1925 aged just 44.